We offer a wide range of customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. We are uniquely well-positioned to help address your talent needs by leveraging our know-how, relationships and service capabilities built over years.

Payroll Services

Our expertise in labour legislation and compliance enables us to offer organization specific payroll processing services. We have developed unique in-house software that brings in flexibility to accommodate varied compensation structures and ensure compliance to all applicable legislations.

Audit Services

The focus on both local and global markets for mobilization of resources has made Corporate Governance increasingly difficult. We offer Consultation and Audit Services on the Payroll and labour legislative part of compliance which is an integral component of corporate governance.

Statutory Compliance Management

The landscape of statutes of labour laws is constantly evolving, and it takes a special agility to keep abreast of all the latest developments and ensure compliance. At Alp, we offer compliance services that perfectly meet your organisation’s requirements.

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